“Gračanica: The Brilliance of Art in the Age of King Milutin” Exhibition Closed


From 21 December 2022 until 23 February 2023, the exhibition "Gračanica: The Brilliance of Art in the Age of King Milutin," authored by Aleksandra Davidov Temerinski, was on view at the Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. Over 22 000 people visited the exhibition, realized in cooperation between the SASA and the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia-Belgrade. It displayed reproductions and presentations of architecture and wall painting of this fourteenth-century masterpiece of Serbian art. As most of the digital material for the exhibition was created during the BLAGO Fund 2021 expedition to Gračanica, we are happy that some of the members of our team were able to attend the closing guided walkthrough and reunite with some of the collaborators who contributed to this exceptional exhibition. 

All the materials for the exhibition were created as a joint effort of the BLAGO Fund, the Serbian Academy of Science, and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia. A full description of the exhibition can be found nd on the SASA website

BLAGO Team (left to right): Ljubomir Medenica, Vesna Cvjetkovic, Danica Medenica, Aleksandra Davidov Temerinski, Zoran Mircetic, Ivana Lemcool, and Vladimir Acimovic


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