Monastery Gradac
Monastery Gradac

Serbian Medieval
Monastery Gradac

Monastery Gradac is situated on the slopes of Mt. Golija, built in the late XIII century on the ruins of an earlier church. It is an endowment of Queen Jelena Anzujska /Helen Anjou/, the wife of king Uros I (resulting in the gothic architectural influence). The marble sarcophagus of St. Jelena is located in the monastery church.

The fresco decoration of the interior is considerably damaged, but the endower's composition is still visible. The original iconostasis is preserved in very good condition. Gradac Monastery is functioning as a nunnery and in its glorious beauty represents one of the most attractive medieval Serb cultural historical monuments and spiritual centers.


Complete collections of all three churches in Studenica: Presentation of the Holy Virgin, King's, and St Nicholas.

The complete collection of the White church of Karan, located in central Serbia near the town of Uzice.

The medieval monastery, built in 1427, is located on the old road from Belgrade to Novo Brdo in Kosovo.

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Monastery Gradac is located in central Serbia, some 10km west of Mladenovac.