New Collection: Budisavci Monastery

A new collection of the Budisavci Monastery is posted on our website. This summer, we visited the small female monastic community living in this 14th-century foundation that is 17 km away from the Patriarchate of Peć. The church of Holy Transfiguration preserves 16th-century painting that was made owing to the efforts of Makarije Sok...

Call for Papers: BLAGO Fund Sponsored Session at IMC Leeds 2024

We are excited to announce that we are preparing a BLAGO Fund-sponsored session for the next International Medieval Congress in Leeds, 1-4 July 2024.   Crisis, Accessibility, and Preservation:Digitizing Medieval Heritage in a Changing World ___ BLAGO Fund Sponsored Session The current global crises, such as climate change, political instabilit...

Expedition 2023: Ljubostinja, Rudenica, and Naupare

Besides Kosovo and Metohija, this year's field trip included central Serbia, more precisely, the area surrounding the city of Kruševac. With the blessing of His Grace Bishop David, our small team made complete collections of the Monasteries Ljubostinja, Rudenica, Naupare, and Drenča. Ljubostinja Monastery is an Orthodox monastery near the town of T...

Expedition 2023: Kosovo and Metohija

On Friday, May 26, 2023, our BLAGO Fund team set out on a journey from Belgrade to Gračanica to photograph the Serbian medieval cultural heritage of Gračanica and Budisavci monasteries, as well as the churches in Lipljan and Crkolez. Three-member team left Belgrade in a rented van and arrived in Jagodina, where other team members joined them. ...

New Collection: Monastery Pavlica

The collection of Monastery Pavlica is available on the BLAGO website. The monastery is located in the gorge of the river Ibar and close to the 11th-century church of Stara (Old) Pavlica and the medieval fortification of Brvenik. It is an endowment of the Musić family related to Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović. The BLAGO team visited the monastery ...

"Full of Grace" Book Event at the Crypt of the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade

On the evening of 23 May, in the crypt of the Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade, the book launch of our publication "Full of Grace: Representations of the Mother of God in Serbian Medieval Wall Painting" took place. Their Graces Bishops Maksim and Grigorije talked about the Mother of God and her relevance in the history of salvation and our dai...

New Collection: Monastery Gradac

We have recently uploaded a fresh assortment of images from the Gradac Monastery on our website. Our team had the pleasure of revisiting this exceptional example of medieval Serbian art, and we have captured stunning new photographs at a higher resolution, along with drone footage showcasing a panoramic view of the monastery grounds. Moreover, we h...

“Gračanica: The Brilliance of Art in the Age of King Milutin” Exhibition Closed

From 21 December 2022 until 23 February 2023, the exhibition "Gračanica: The Brilliance of Art in the Age of King Milutin," authored by Aleksandra Davidov Temerinski, was on view at the Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. Over 22 000 people visited the exhibition, realized in cooperation between the SASA and the R...

2022 in review

2022 was a very productive year for the BLAGO fund. The following accomplishments only partially represent our continued work collecting and publishing Serbian heritage. We have published seven new collections, including Monastery Kalenić, Monastery Jošanica, the church in Crkolez, the churches of Sredačka and Sirinićka župa, and the church in Rama...

"Full of Grace" is Now in Bookstores

The first printed edition of BLAGO Fund, "Full of Grace: Representations of the Mother of God in Serbian Medieval Wall Painting," published by Laguna Press, is now available in select bookstores. The book features texts in English and Serbian by His Grace Bishop Dr. Maxim (Vasiljević), art historian Dr. Ivana Lemcool, a foreword by His Gr...

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