Monastery Budisavci

Monastery Budisavci

The Monastery of Budisavci is located in the village of the same name, 17 km east of the Patriarchate of Peć. The monastery church of the Holy Transfiguration was built in the first half of the 14th century. According to some, the church was built by King Milutin, while according to local tradition, the church is an endowment of his daughter, the sister of Stefan of Dečani. Since it was founded, the Monastery of Budisavci was a metochion of the Patriarchate of Peć, and hence it received a considerable amount of care from numerous Serbian church leaders. The torn-down church was entirely renovated by the first patriarch of the renewed patriarchy, Makarije Sokolović in 1568, when the church was fresco painted as well, as recorded in the inscription above the west wall and the one on the scroll in his founder’s portrait.

The church of the Monastery of Budisavci is a harmonious building with the base of an inscribed Greek cross-in-square, with an eight-sided dome and an apse that is three-sided on the outside and spherical on the inside.

A narthex was added subsequently in 1872, in a greater height than the original one since it covers the west wall biphora. The church was built by alternating stones and bricks in decorative patterns in certain areas.

While there are no remaining traces of the original 14th-century painting, the church's interior preserves the fresco painting from the time of Patriarch Makarije, whose founder’s portrait was painted on the south wall of the subdomical area. Portraits of Saint Sava, Simeon Nemanja and three additional Serbian archbishops are preserved, while in the higher zones, there are remnants of scenes from the cycles of Great Feasts and Passion of Christ. In the narthex, in the lunette above the entrance, the scene of Transfiguration is painted together with an inscription on the renovation of the church and dormitories by Archbishop Melentije in 1872. In 1874, brothers Đinoski from Galičnik near Dabar painted the icon screen of the church.


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