New Collection: Churches of Sirinićka Župa


We have made our collection with photographs, videos, and VR tours of the churches of Sirinićka župa available on our website. Sirinićka župa is a historic region on the north slopes of the Šar Mountains in the province of Kosovo and Metohija. It preserves a great number of churches from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that were built and adorned through the efforts of its inhabitants. Although many of them were since renovated or completely reconstructed, the remaining churches with their fresco fragments, icons, and liturgical objects testify to the intent of the local population to maintain their faith and national identity.

The Church of Saint Petka in Berevce

The Church of Saint Theodore Tyron in Donja Bitinja

The Church of Saint George in Gornja Bitinja

The Church of Saint Demetrius in Viča

The Church of Saint Nicholas in Sevce

The Church of Saint Nicholas in Štrpce

The Church of Saint Nicholas in Gotovuša

The Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God in Gotovuša


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