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[blago-now] New Manasija collection

[blago-now] New Manasija collection

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‍‍Monastery Manasija Collection

Visit our Monastery Manasija collection to see the latest changes and find our new original photographs of the monastery, church architecture, fresco painting, other buildings, and massive fortification walls. 


Manasija Monastery

‍The monastery of Manasija, also known as Resava, was founded by Despot Stefan Lazarević in the first decades of the 15th century. Its church dedicated to the Holy Trinity is among the finest examples of the Morava school of architecture. The interior of the church was painted by experienced and skilled painters, as can be discerned from the preserved frescoes. The monastery was also an important literary and scriptorial center, owing to the efforts of its brethren and Despot Stefan himself. Following his death in 1427, Despot was buried in the monastery; in 2006, the tomb with his remains was discovered by archaeologists in the southwestern part of the church. The monastery suffered greatly in the succeeding centuries. Tall fortification walls and towers surrounding it made it a desirable defense post for different armies that occupied these territories.


‍Highlights of the Collection

‍As our collection is relatively large, with over 1,000 pictures, we created a special section to highlight the best of the church architecture, surroundings, and exquisite fresco painting of the church. Hopefully, you will find it useful and inspirational.


Our collection is organized into subsections:


  • Exterior with the pictures of the church, refectory, fortification walls, dormitories, and the bell of King Alexander that our team discovered within the recess of the wall.
  • Interior, with the photos of the sanctuary containing the frescoes of the Communion of the Apostles, Liturgy of the Church Fathers, roundels with busts of Holy Bishops, and standing figures and other narrative scenes; In the Nave, photographs of the Warriors Saints can be seen, as well as the roundels with busts of saints and narrative scenes in choirs, individual figures, paintings in the dome and the area under the dome, west bay with the Founder's composition. Icons from the old iconostasis, tomb of Despot Stefan, and the photographs from the narthex are also included. 
  • Selected material consisting of around thirty photographs from the entire collection.





‍If you like what you see


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