Western Half

Menologion: November 4-7 and 13-18

St. Ioannicius the Great (November 4); St. martyr Porphyrius (November 4); St. archbishop Gregory (November 5); St. Galaction and Episteme (November 5); St. Paul the Confessor (November 6); St. Luke (November 6); St. Erona and 33 martyrs of Melitena (November 7); St. Lazarus the New (The Wonderworker) (November 7) and St. John Chrysostom (November 13); St. Philip the Apostle (November 14); St. martyrs Gourias, Samonas and Abibus (November 15); St. archbishop Thomas (November 15); St. Mathew the Apostle (November 16); St. Lazarus the painter (November 17); St. Gregory the Wonderworker (November 17); St. martyr Plato (November 18)

  • Eastern Nave, 4th Bay, Vault

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