Church in Velika Hoca
Church in Velika Hoca

Serbian Medieval
Chruch in Velika Hoca

Velika Hoca (Велика Хоча) is a village in the municipality of Orahovac, in Kosovo & Metohija. It is one of the Serb enclaves in Kosovo, and houses some 13 Orthodox church buildings, most of which date to the Serbian Middle Ages. Velika Hoča is situated in the historical region of Metohija and is one of the oldest settlements in Metohija. It was given as metochion by Stefan Nemanja to Hilandar in 1198–99 (Charter of Hilandar).

In the Middle Ages, Velika Hoca was a strong economical and spiritual centre with 24 churches and three monasteries. 8 monasteries and five ruins have been preserved from that period. The Dečani wine is made from vineyards in Velika Hoča since at least the reign of Emperor Stefan Dušan (r. 1331-1355).


The church of Arilje is dedicated to Bishop Achillius of Larissa, Greece, a participant of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

The monastery of Mileseva was founded by Vladislav, King of Serbia, son of Stefan the First-Crowned and grandson of Stefan Nemanja.

Visoki Decani Monastery is a major Serbian Orthodox monastery, situated in Kosovo & Metohija, 12 km south from the town of Pec.

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Velika Hoca is located in Kosovo & Metohija.