Church in Temnica
Church in Temnica

Serbian Medieval
Chruch in Temnica

Church in Donji Ajnovci in the vicinity of Kosovska Kamenica, also known as Tamnica (Temnica) was erected in 14th century on the ruins of the earlier Byzantine basilica. Foudation is in the shape of the cross-in-square and probably had a dome. It is built in alternate layers of limestone and brick. As it was it was in ruins for many centuries, only fragments of frescoes have been preserved.

Conservation works were carried out in 1967-68.


Complete collections of all three churches in Studenica: Presentation of the Holy Virgin, King's, and St Nicholas.

The complete collection of the White church of Karan, located in central Serbia near the town of Uzice.

The medieval monastery, built in 1427, is located on the old road from Belgrade to Novo Brdo in Kosovo.

Blago Fund


Temnica is located in Kosovo & Metohija.