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St. Peter's church is one of the oldest churches on the canonical territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is considered to be one of the earliest spiritual centers in the Ras area where the first Serbian state was created under Great Župan Stephen Nemanja in the 11th century. It was in this church that Nemanja was baptized. The first ruler of the Serbian state later became monk Symeon in Mount Athos, where he and his son Sava, the first Archbishop of Serbia established the monastery of Hilandar. They were both canonized as saints, and Saint Symeon’s relics remained incorruptible and myrrh-flowing until our days.
St. Peter's church is situated at the outskirts of Novi Pazar and is historically linked with the old city of Ras which used to be the first Serbian capital. In the vicinity of St. Peter's church are two important monasteries: Sopoćani and Djurdjevi Stupovi, which played an important role in the spiritual life of the medieval Serbian kingdom.
Historians claim that the first church built on this site was an old Christian basilica,later rebuilt in its present form, during the early Middle Ages. The church was also an important political center, since synods and other meetings were held under its roof. Today, the church is surrounded by the Serbian Orthodox cemetery dating from the 18th and19th century, being one of the best preserved cemeteries from this period in Serbia.

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