Update of Velika Hoča collection

In the summer of 2008, the members of the Blago Fund together with Prof. Dr. Dragan Vojvodić from the Art History department of the Faculty of Philosophy visited the village of Velika Hoča. The village is one of the oldest settlements in Metohija preserving a great number of Serbian monasteries and churches dating from the Middle Ages. The Blago team created high-resolution photographs, panoramic views and virtual tours of the fresco painting, architecture, and surrounding of these medieval churches, as well as other notable buildings.

We have improved our Velika Hoča collection, by refreshing its appearance and adding some new features, such as the panoramic views of churches of Saint Stephen, Saint Luke, Saint Basil, and New Holy Sunday.

Church of St Nicholas

Visit the photo collection and virtual tour of the church of Saint Nicholas, built and painted in 1345.

Virtual Tours

Experience the interiors and surroundings of medieval churches of Velika Hoča.

Church of St John

Check out the wall painting and architecture of this fourteenth-century church.


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