BLAGO Showcase

Monastery Studenica

Aerial View

The BLAGO team created an aerial view of the monastery during their visit in 2015.  Full collection from the monastery contains thousand of pictures and many VR movies covering all the monastery churches.

Virtual Reality

This is just a small example of the full screen virtual reality movies from the monastery.  Find more moves, as well as thousand of pictures, at the Studenica Monastery collection.

Suggested Videos

Aerial View of Monastery Ravanica

The BLAGO team created an aerial view of the Monastery Ravanica in 2014.

Monastery Manasija Letter

A short documentary based on a letter found in the archives of Monastery Manasija.  In 1915, a young Serbian solder carried the valuable prayer book across the Albanian mountains during the Serbian army retreat.  He brought it back to the monastery in 1919.


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