The Pinnacle (1321 - 1366)

Serbian Medieval History, The Pinnacle (1321 - 1366)

King Stefan Uros III, Decanski (1321-1331)
Ban Stjepan II Kotromanic (1322-1353) in Bosnia
Economic and political rise of Bosnia with the support of Hungary; conflicts with Serbia; Franciscans spread their mission.
Bulgarian emperor Michael Shishman (1323-1330), married to Stefan's daughter.
Archbishop Danilo II (1324-1337), diplomat and statesman, famous biographer of Serbian kings and archbishops
Bosnia annexes part of Hum (1326).
Bulgarian emperor Michael Shishman attacks Serbia with Byzantine help. Stefan decisively defeats them near Velbuzd (1330).
Stefan's son Dusan overthrows father (1331).
Stefan dies in imprisonment (1331).
Emperor Stefan Uros IV Dusan Nemanjic (1331-1355) king and emperor (1345) of Serbia.
Dusan marries Jelena, sister of Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria (1332).
Dusan grants Adriatic coastline through Ston and Peljesac peninsula to Dubrovnik(1333).
Dusan takes Prilep, Ohrid, Strumica (1334) from Byzantines.
Hungarian attacks Serbia and are repelled; Serbs take Macva (1335).
Hundred years war between England and France (1337-1453).
  Archbishop Joanikije (1337-1354), first patriarch of Serbia.
John Cantacuzenus, Byzantine emperor, seeks alliance with Dusan in Pristina (1342).
Serbs drawn into Byzantine civil war, take advantage of the conflict (1344).
Dusan takes the important city of Serres in eastern Macedonia and Mount Athos (1345).
Dusan assumes title of emperor on Christmas day (1345).
Serbian church elevated to Patriarchy on Easter in Skoplje. Patriarch Joanikije crowns Dusan as Emperor of Serbs and Romans (Greeks).
Dusan and Jelena visit Mount Athos (1347).
Dusan annexes Epirus and Thessaly (1348).
"Black Death", the Bubonic plague, ravages Europe.
Dusan's Zakonik (state law code) published.State council in Skoplje immediately promulgates the Law code.
Byzantine anathema on Serbian church. Dusan partially recaptures Hum area (1350).
Dimotika battle; Cantacuzenus, allied with Turks, defeats rival emperor John V, backed by Serbs and Bulgarians (1352).
Ban Tvrtko I Kotromanic (1353-1391) in Bosnia.
Assumes, based on Nemanjic lineage, title king Stefan of Serbia in 1377
John V Palaeologos restored on Byzantine throne. Turks conquer Galipoli and enter Europe.
Dusan sends embassy to pope Innocence VI, attempting to unite the Christian powers against the Turks (1354).
Papal embassy on Serbian court (1355).
Emperor Dusan dies at age 48 (1355).
Emperor Stefan Uros V Nemanjic (1355-1371)
Dubrovnik rejects Venice and accepts Hungarian suzerainty. Power divided between the Rector and three councils (1358).
Simeon-Sinisa Palaeologos, Dusan's half brother, establishes virtually independent rule in Epirus and Thessaly (1359).
Serbian nobility increasingly ignores central authority (1360).
Turkish sultan Murad I.
Charles V, king of France.


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