The Decline (1366 - 1402)

Serbian Medieval History, The Decline (1366 - 1402)

Nobleman Vukasin Mrnjavcevic (1366-1371)
Crowned by Uros as king and made co-ruler with great independence.
Despot Ugljesa, Vukasin's brother, rules easternmost provinces of the Empire around Serres.
The battle of Marica (1371). Vukasin and Ugljesa move east to preempt Ottoman advance, but are defeated and killed.
Emperor Uros V dies (1371).
Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic (1371-1389)

Defeats rival nobleman Nikola Altomanovic and emerges as key ruler in central Serbia (1373).
Patriarch Jefrem (1375-1379). Reconciliation between Serbian and Byzantine patriarchies (1375).

Tvrtko I Kotromanic of Bosnia assumes royal Serbian name Stefan and is crowned king of Serbia in Mileseva.
German emperor Charles IV dies. The beginning of the "Great schism" in the Catholic church.
Lazar officially crowned as "Lord of the Serbs and the Danube, Stefan Prince Lazar, autocrat of all the Serbs" (1378)
Patriarch Spiridon (1379-1389)
First Turkish incursion checked by Lazar at Paracin (1381).
Charles VI, king of France.
Lazar sheds Hungarian vassalage (1382).
Turks take city of Serres from Byzantines (1383).
Lazar's son-in-law, Djuradj (George) II Stracimirovic Balsic (1385-1403), ruler of Zeta, recognizes Lazar's suzerainty; Lazar adds "and the Coast" to his title (1387)
Turks invade Toplica and take Nis (central Serbia) (1386).
Serbs defeat large Turkish raid at Bileca (Hercegovina) (1388).
The Battle of Kosovo
Major battle between invading Turks under sultan Murad I and Lazar's Serbian-led Christian army. Technically a draw, as both forces retreat and both commanders killed. Lazar's widow Milica becomes regent for young son Stefan.

Patriarch Jefrem, elected Patriarch for the second time (1389)
Hungarians under Sigismund raid Serbia from the north (1389).
Decline of Bosnian state after Tvrtko's death (1391).
Turks take Skoplje, former Serbian capital (1392).
Nobleman Vuk Brankovic (1371-1397), Lazar's son-in-law, retains southern Serbian possessions as Turkish vassal (1392).
Turks take Skadar (1393).

Turkish siege of Constantinople (1394-1402).

Djuradj Balsic recovers Skadar (1395).
Battle of Rovine (1395), Serbian king Marko Mrnjavcevic and noble Konstantin Dejanovic die as Turkish vassals against Wallachian prince Mircea.
Venice takes possession of Skadar by agreement with Djuradj Balsic.

The end of the Vidin empire (Bulgaria). Truce between France and England.
Turks route Hungarian crusaders at Nikopolis (1396); Prince Stefan Lazarevic fights as a vassal of sultan Bayezid I.
Vuk Brankovic deposed by Turks, dies in Turkish banishment; his lands pass to Stefan Lazarevic (1397).
Despot Stefan Lazarevic (1389 - 1402)
Prince Lazar's son, reconciles with the sultan.
Dethroned Richard III: the end of Plantagenet dynasty in England.


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