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Prince Mihailo (Michael) Obrenovic III (1860-1868)

Coin - Commemorative medal - Prince Mihailo Obrenovic

Commemorative medal for the 50th anniversary of the Second Serbian insurrection, 1865. Obv.: Con joined busts of Princes Mihailo and Milos, Cyrillic legend: KNAZ MILOS OBRENOVIC * KNAZ MIHAIL OBRENOVIC; Rev.:Personification of Liberty with lion, Cyrillic legend: U SLAVU USTANKA KNAZA MILOSA 1815. BLAGODARNA SRBIA ("In honour of the uprising of Prince Milos in 1815, a grateful Serbia")

Coin - 1 Para - Prince Mihailo Obrenovic

1 para, 1868. Obv.: Prince Mihailo's bust, Cyrillic legend: OBRENOVIC III KNJAZ SRBSKI ("Obrenovic III, Prince of Serbia"); Rev.: Denominationin wreath

Coin - 10 Para - Prince Mihailo Obrenovic

10 para, 1868. Same design as above.


HISTORICAL NOTES: Together with his prime minister Ilija Garasanin, Mihailo started actively promoting the crucial idea of uniting all Serbs in one land.The peaceful expulsion of the last six Turkish garrisons in 1867 meant the final step towards full independence of Serbia, to be ratified by the Berlin Congress in 1878.

NUMISMATIC NOTES: This single-year issue of Prince Mihailo was the first modern Serbian coinage. Only 3 years older, the commemorative medal was minted before Vuk Karadzic's important language reform.


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