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Nobleman Vuk Brankovic (1371-1396)

Coin - Reduced dinar - Nobleman Vuk Brankovic

Reduced dinar, Obv.: Vuk standing, holding banner, Cyrillic legend: VLK VLK ("Vuk"); Rev.: Christ enthroned

HISTORICAL NOTES: Prince Lazar's powerful vassal and son-in-law, commanded the left flank of the Serbian army during the Battle of Kosovo, which he survived. His Judas-like treachery is one of the cornerstones of the Serbian Kosovo epic.There are several theories why tradition chose him for this infamous role, despite the fact that contemporary chronicles mention no such battlefield treason. Although reduced to a Turkish vassal after the battle, he continued with Hungarophile tendencies, which led to his quick demise following the Ottoman defeat of Hungarian-led crusaders at Nicopolis (1396).

NUMISMATIC NOTES: These coins were probably minted in Prizren just prior to the Battle of Kosovo. The very fact that Vuk is the only nobleman during Lazar's (and his successors') times that put his own portrait - even with some imperial insignia - on coins, partially attests to his ambition and potential disuniting tendency.


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