Serbian History Through Coinage

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Nobleman Jakov (1380's)

Coin - Reduced dinar - Nobleman Jakov

Reduced dinar, Obv.: Vuk standing, holding banner, Cyrillic legend: VLK VLK ("Vuk"); Rev.: Christ enthroned, with Cyrillic inscription "IAKV" around

HISTORICAL NOTES: The exact identity of Jakov remains a mystery, although he also minted money with his name only. In general, the question of who had the right to issue money in those times remains an open one, since a number of more powerful contemporary feudal lords apparently minted none.

NUMISMATIC NOTES: The practice of the authority issuing money acknowledging its suzerain is not uncommon at the time, and Vuk Brankovic apparently led a liberal monetary policy, allowing autonomous minting to a number of his petty lords and cities. On the other hand, he himself at some point minted money showing Prince Lazar's suzerainty.


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