Serbian History Through Coinage

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King Stefan Uros II Milutin (1282-1321)


"Banner" dinar. Obv.: King receiving banner from St. Stephen, legend: UROSIUS REX S STEFAN; Rev.: Christ enthroned


"Cross" dinar. Obv.: King receiving tall cross from St.Stephen, legend: UROSIUS REX S STEFAN; Rev.: Christ enthroned


"Lilly and cross" dinar. Obv.: Crowned King enthroned, holding sceptre with lilly in one hand, and globe with cross in the other, legend: UROSIUS REX; Rev.: Christ enthroned

HISTORICAL NOTES: The greatest Serbian statesman between St.Sava and Czar Dusan, Milutin elevated Serbia to a major Balkan power. Many factors contributed to this, including wise exploitation of silver mines (as witnessed by vastly increased coin output). Encouraged arts and letters; built and decorated dozens of churches and monasteries, not only in Serbia (e.g. the famous Gracanica), but also in Jerusalem, Constantinople and Mt. Athos.

NUMISMATIC NOTES: One of the open issues is that of attributing early dinars.The fact that money was not dated at this time is exacerbated by proliferation of the royal names Stefan and Uros, and the attributions given here are only probable. The "Lilly and cross" dinar is a radical departure from the earlier Venetian model, and is generally considered to be of the finest style for its time.


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