Newsletters Archive / Билтен Архива

SEP 2021

Newsletter No 22, 2021 (English, Serbian)

JUL 2021

Newsletter No 20, 2021 (English, Serbian)

MAR 2021

Newsletter No 19, 2021 (English, Serbian)

DEC 2020

Newsletter No 18, 2021 (English, Serbian)

NOV 2020

Newsletter No 17, Manuscripts Collection (English, Serbian)

SEP 2020

Newsletter No 16, Prizren 2020 Collection (English, Serbian)

DEC 2019

Newsletter No 14 (English, Serbian)
The latest from BLAGO.

NOV 2019

Newsletter No 13 (English, Serbian)
In June of 2018, the BLAGO team visited The Church of Saint Achillius in Arilje and collected material for the St Achillius Church collection. Today, our collection is available for public viewing.

20 years of BLAGO (pdf)
A short booklet on BLAGO's achievements. 

Newsletter No 12 (English, Serbian)
In March of 2018, the BLAGO team visited Monastery Mileseva and collected material for its second collection of the monastery. Today, our collection is available for public viewing.

AUG 2019

Newsletter No 11 (English, Serbian)
In June of 2019, the BLAGO team visited Prizren and collected material for the four most important churches in the area, including the Bogorodica Ljeviska.

APR 2019

Newsletter No 8 (html, pdf)
Sopocani collection published.

MAR 2019

Newsletter No 7 (html, pdf)
Publishing of the Decani collection.

Newsletter No 6 (html, pdf)
Publishing of the Patriarchate of Pec collections.


Newsletter No 5 (html, pdf)
Publishing of the Pavlovac collection.

Newsletter No 4 (html)
Publishing of Gradac and Velika Hoca collections.

Newsletter No 3 (html, pdf)
BLAGO Arilje expedition.

Newsletter No 2 (html)
Bela Crkva Karanska collection published.

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