BLAGO Newsletter #29, Nov 2022 - 2

BLAGO Newsletter #29, Nov 2022 - 2

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‍NEWSLETTER #29, NOV 2022 - 2

‍NOTE: As we are posting our new collections online, we will keep you posted with more newsletters this month! In addition to the collection of Sirinićka župa, we have published the collection of Sredačka župa.

New Collection: Churches of Sredačka Župa

Sirinpcka Zupa
The Church of Saint Nicholas in Sredska


Our collection of photographs, videos, and VR tours of the churches of Sredačka župa is available on our website. The region of Sredačka župa, east of Prizren, consists of several mountain villages in the valley of the river of Prizren Bistrica. The oldest mention of Sredačka župa is found in the donation charter of King Dragutin to the monastery of HIlandar from 1276-1281, and later in 1348, Emperor Dušan donated the entire region with all its villages to his foundation, Monastery of Holy Archangels.


Map of Sredacka Zupa
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