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Kosovo & Metohija (Косово и Метохија)

Monastery Decani

Monastery Visoki Decani (Дечани)

Visoki Decani Monastery is a major Serbian Orthodox monastery, situated in Kosovo & Metohija, 12 km south from the town of Pec. Its cathedral is the biggest medieval church in the Balkans which contains the largest preserved monument of Byzantine fresco-painting.

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Patriarchate of Pec

Patriarchate of Pec (Пећка Патријаршија)

The Patriarchate of Pec is one of the most important Serbian medieval monasteries in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. The church complex consists of four churches dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

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Velika Hoca (Велика Хоча)

Velika Hoca (Велика Хоча)

Velika Hoca is a village in the Kosovo & Metohija. Mainly populated with people of the Serb ethnicity. It contains some 13 Orthodox church and monasteries, with most notable churches of St Nicholas and St Stefan, as well as the Monastery of St John.

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Vaganes (Ваганеш)

Vaganes (Ваганеш)

The church dedicated to the Ascension of the Theotokos (Holy Mother of God), in the vicinity of Novo Brdo, was built in 1354-55. Its founder was Serbian landowner Dabiziv with his brothers Haran and Bogoje, father Kaluger and mother Visnja, which is evidenced by three inscriptions, two carved in stone and one fresco painted.

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Monastery Gracanica (Грачаница)

The Gracanica monastery, near Lipljan in Kosovo, is one of the last monumental foundations of King Milutin Nemanjic. Built on the ruins of the former Church of the Holy Virgin, the monastery, finished in 1321, was dedicated to the Dormition of the Holy Virgin.

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Church of Lipljan

Lipljan (Липљан)

The church of The Presentation of the Virgin in Lipljan was probably built in the second or third decade of the 14th century, on the foundations of an earlier Byzantine basilica. It was mentioned for the first time in 1331 in one of the King Dusan's charters, and was donated in 1336 to Tower (Pirg) of the Ascension in Hilandar.

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Church in Donji Ajnovci in the vicinity of Kosovska Kamenica, also known as Tamnica (Temnica) was erected in 14th century on the ruins of the earlier Byzantine basilica. Foudation is in the shape of the cross-in-square and probably had a dome. It is built in alternate layers of limestone and brick. As it was it was in ruins for many centuries, only fragments of frescoes have been preserved.

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Raska (Рашка)

Monastery Studenica

Monastery Studenica (Студеница)

Monastery Studenica and its main church, dedicated to the Presentation of the Holy Virgin, is the most famous of all Serbian monasteries. The first stage was completed in the spring of 1196, when Stefan Nemanja, Grand Zupan of Raska, abandoned his throne and settled in the monastery.

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Djurdjevi Stupovi

Pillars of St George (Ђурђеви Ступови)

The Pillars of St. George Monastery (Đurđevi Stupovi), the endowment of the Great Zupan (King) Stephen Nemania lie on the top of a woody elevation overlooking the panorama of the city of Novi Pazar. The complex comprising the Church of St. George, the refectory, dormitories, the water tanks and walls with the entry tower, was built in the 8th decade of the 12th century. The external appearance of this single-nave temple with a tripartite sanctuary, a nave with lateral vestibules and a narthex, flanked by two towers, emanates a spirit of western Romanesque building.

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Monastery Gradac

Monastery Gradac (Манастир Градац)

Monastery Gradac is situated on the slopes of Mt. Golija, built in the late XIII century on the ruins of an earlier church. It is an endowment of Queen Jelena Anzujska /Helen Anjou/, the wife of king Uros I (resulting in the gothic architectural influence). The marble sarcophagus of St. Jelena is located in the monastery church.

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Monastery Sopocani

Monastery Sopocani (Сопоћани)

The Sopocani Monastery, a foundation of King Urosh I, was built in the second half of the 13th century, near the source of the river Raska in the region of Ras, the centre of the Serbian medieval state. The most certain year of building is 1265. The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

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St Peters Church

Church of St Peter (Црква Светог Петра)

St. Peter's church is one of the oldest churches on the canonical territory of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is very well known as the earliest spiritual centers in the Ras area where the first Serb state was created under Great Zupan Stephen Nemania in 11th century.

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Pomoravlje (Поморавље)

Monastery Ravanica

Monastery Ravanica (Раваница)

Built during the 1370s, Ravanica is the main endowment of the famous Prince Lazar, where he was buried following his death in the battle of Kosovo. Since then, Ravanica has been a pilgrim's destination and an important center of cultural activities and the Serbian people's assemblies.

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Monastery Manasija

Monastery Manasija (Манастир Манасија)

Manasija, also known as Resava is a Serbian Orthodox monastery near Despotovac, Serbia, founded by Despot Stefan Lazarević between 1406[1] and 1418. The church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. It is one of the most significant monuments of medieval Serbian culture and it belongs to the "Morava school".

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Southwest (Југо-запад)

Monastery Mileseva

Monastery Mileseva (Милешева)

The monastery of Mileseva was founded by Vladislav, King of Serbia, son of Stefan the First-Crowned and grandson of Stefan Nemanja, founder of the Serbian medieval dynasty. Ancient Serbian biographers recorded that the erection of Mileseva started immediately after Vladislav's accession to the trone in 1234. However, some specific details of the church frescoes lead to the conclusion that Mileseva might have been constructed some ten years earlier, at the time when Vladislav was a royal prince ruling over the Black Mount (Crna Stena) area in which the monastery was located.

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The Church of Arilje

The Church of St. Achillius, Arilje (Црква Светог Ахилија, Ариље)

The church of Arilje is dedicated to Bishop Achillius of Larissa, Greece, a staunch opponent of the Arian heresy and a participant of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. The Church of Saint Achillius in Arilje had close connections to the Nemanjić Dynasty, the first Serbian Archbishop Saint Sava, and King Dragutin.

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Bela crkva Karanska

White Church of Karan (Бела црква Каранска)

Bela Crkva Karanska (The White Church of Karan) is located near the town of Užice, and it is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin. The church was erected during the fourth decade of the 14 th century and soon after adorned with frescoes through efforts of Župan Petar Brajan, the squire of King Dusan, his wife Struja and their four daughters

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Central (Средишња)

Monastery Pavlovac

Monastery Pavlovac (Павловац)

Monastery Pavlovac is located in the foothills of the mountain Kosmaj, only seven kilometers from the city of Mladenovac (south of Belgrade). The church of Pavlovac is dedicated to St Nicholas, and it was built on the ruins of the Roman necropolis (graveyard). A Roman stone sarcophagus, decorated with ornaments and few arrows, is still on the site.

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