A new collection of the monastery of Jošanica is now available on our website. The monastery is located in the vicinity of the town of Jagodina in central Serbia, at the foothills of Crni Vrh mountain. The exact time of construction and painting of the church is not known; the most recent analyses date it to the 1430s. The original dedication of the monastery church is also uncertain; it was most likely dedicated to Saint George or Saint Demetrius as one of the warrior saints is depicted within the Founders' composition. Portraits of the members of the family that built the church are painted in the narthex, along with those of the members of the ruling family, believed to be Despot George Branković with his wife and children.

Church of the Jošanica monastery
Saint Simeon Nemanja
The prayer in Gethsemene, detail: the apostles sleeping