Maja Petrovic - Portraits of Serbian Soul

Maja Petrovic





My paintings comprise three directions in the art: EXPRESSIONISM, REALISM and SOCIAL PAINTING. On my panels I represent customs, culture and history of the Serbian people. I do not paint neither still life, nor landscapes. We pass by those on daily basis, we perceive their beauty and continue going on. I think that our culture, history and customs are more important, because they influence our life much more than the urn on the table. 

At the same time I speak about stagnation of painting as a direction of art, compared to the music or making movies. On my panels I am not interested in using pure elements, and then stop�thinking about them. I like to adapt those elements, which are parts of every painting, or at least should be, to my needs while I deal with particular theme or motif. Elements are less fundamental by themselves, and the theme of painting is more fundamental to me. I colour those themes emotionaly, in simple or in more complex way.

I colour those themes emotionaly, in simple or in more complex way. I represent my emotional view of the situation and the emotional view of the people who participate in the event represented on my painting. 



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