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monastery MILESEVA

Monastery Mileseva - Slides

Church - Crkva
Many pictures from various angles were taken.
White Angel - Beli Andjeo
Masterpeace of the midieval art.
Mother of God - Bogorodica
One of the many excelent frescoes that has been preserved.
Nemanjic Dynasty - Nemanjic Dinastija
Many frescoes of the Nemanjic family are presented.
Exonarthex - Spoljna Priprata
"Angel driving unjust kings to Hell" is of the many preserved frescoes in the narthex of the church.
Narthex - Priprata
Many portrets and compositions.
Dome - Kupola
Only small number of frescoes in the lower part of the dome a
Sanctuary - Oltar
Few frescoes are available in the alter of the church.
Other frescoes - Ostale freske
Many frescoes throughout of the church are available.
Landscape - Okolina
Pictures of the area around the church and monastery.
BLAGO crew at work - Ekipa BLAGA na poslu
Mileseva archives in making.